Who we are

The Choral and Orchestral Society ‘Maria Bambina’ is a non-profit making organisation made up from members who want to express their musical, artistic and cultural talents to others in a social, friendly atmosphere; performing in hotels, feasts and also taking part during solemn masses throughout the year. The Society’s aims are to provide members of all ages with the opportunity to learn, study and perform music while promoting social and cultural heritage.

Our main aim is to promote and develop culture and music appreciation through education and performances for the benefit of members, children, youths and the community in general. We believe that the presence of a choir and orchestra in a community is a vital necessity and a defining spirit of the cultural life of a community. In addition to performing the classical orchestral repertoire, we also perform original music by living composers. We actively join other local groups to engage in drama, dancing and literature performances. An important part of our overall mission is to encourage young musicians and students through our Junior Choir and Orchestra.

With the passage of time, our Society developed and held several concerts on a local, national and international level. Our Choir and Orchestra and Simar folk group have performed in Germany several times as part of the twinning between our locality and Adenau in Germany, Italy and Sicily. In 1994, members from our Society restored the site at l-Ghajn tal-Mellieha, an area of historical and environmental value. In 2004, the Society also restored, and currently manages the Mellieha World War II Shelters.