Music Education

Learn a musical instrument

Our organisation offers several music courses which lead to certification from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Lessons are offered for the learning of musical instruments which include the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, french horn and piano. At the Choral and Orchestral Society ‘Maria Bambina’ we offer the best guidance and friendly atmosphere to learn such instruments. Moreover, we also provide theory lessons for all grades. These courses lead students to join our Junior and Senior orchestras where they will have the opportunity to take part in several concerts and religious functions all year round.

Or join a choir

One can also join one of our choirs, the Children’s, Junior’s and Senior’s. Any child aged 6 and a half years and above can join the children’s choir, and males and females from 11 years, can join our already established Junior and Senior choirs. We take part in various concerts performing different styles of music. No previous choral singing experience is required and one may also wish to attend a trial session.

Music appreciation beginners’ course

For young children, as from five years of age, we offer a music appreciation course for beginners. This programme introduces new students to the choir and orchestra and sets the groundwork for theory and singing. It also introduces a variety of instruments to help children choose the right musical instrument for them.

If you are interested do no hesitate to contact us. Thank you!