WWII Shelters

During World War II, Malta became one of the most bombed places on earth. For two and a half years, the island endured the sounding of 3,000 alerts and the dropping of over 17,000 tons of bombs. The Mellieħa World War II Shelters are one of the largest shelters complexes in Malta, dug entirely by hand and reaching the length of over 500 metres.

The complex includes lenghty corridors with anti-blast chambers, private rooms to accommodate entire families, a maternity section and a guarded room reserved to protect national treasures. This served as protection for the local population and refugees from all over the Island.

A non-profit making organisation, Choral and Orchestral Society ‘Maria Bambina’ in collaboration with the Mellieħa Local Council has now restored these shelters for the public to witness the hardships of life during the war.

Life during enemy blitz is not an experience we wish to relive, hence the Mellieħa World War II Shelters stand as a testimony to those who endured the adversity of war until victory was won.

World War II Mellieħa Shelters are open for public viewing daily from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 and 15.30.

How to find us:

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c/o World War II Mellieħa Shelters,
Our Lady of Grotto Street,
Mellieħa MLH1172,

Mobile Phone: +(356) 7952 1970